Recent Formats


Their Jobs, Your Prize

  • 48 Episodes
  • 60 min
  • Daily, strip
  • Access PT / PT


Find Out. Evaluate. Budget. Buy. Cook. Serve.

  • 48 Episodes
  • 60 min
  • 4/week. Strip
  • Access PT

How does it work?

12w-1You option the concept
12w-2We develop it for you in 4-12 weeks delivering a paper format and we give you the rights for your territory.
12w-3Once you’ve payed for the development you actually bought the format. There are no extra-charges and no other license fees.

Did not fiind what you’re looking for?

We'll send you tailor made concepts.
No cost involved. Only when and if you agree with the concept, we discuss business.
Same conditions as above are applied.


Nothing to lose. You've just got your own development department.




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